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We offer training and education services which are categories in the following areas:

The purpose of for this training is to offer help to our clients in order to limit occupational hazards in their work place, we provide theoretical and practical training.


Health and safety induction:

This curse is designed to help workers to reduce incidents and be free from occupational injuries in the work place.

Who can attend: safety managers, supervisors, safety representative, production team leaders.

Safe defensive driving at work:

More than a quarter of all South Africa road traffic Accidents involved somebody who is driving as part of their work. Every day there are accidents on our roads, the type of accidents could be a vehicle to vehicles crash, a rollover or hitting a solid object leading to fatalities or serious injuries. This course is aimed at any one who drives as part of his work.

Fire fighting level 1

We are all aware of the dangers and potential hazards associated with our line of work related to our industry. Dealing with fires it may happen to you once or twice but its better that you know how to use a fire fighting equipments. Fire fighter’s goals are to save life, property and the environment. Remember there’s legislation in place that requires an employer to provide adequate fire extinguishers equipment in work place.

. First Aid level 1-3

This course set out the concept of emergency care provider and understanding the basic principles of saving life at the work place.

Incident and accident investigations

Every employer all over the world suffers huge losses as results of both minor and major incidents which occurs within their organisation. The aim of an effective incident investigation and prevention is objectively and collectively identify all contributing causes of incidents in the work place. this course will give full understanding and practical knowledge on how to analysis the root cause of incident.

SHE Representatives

The only way to maintain a safe working environment is to communicate, trust and participate in health and safety on all levels in an organisation. The SHE REPs WILL play a vital role in the communication and participation within company policy in relations to health and safety practices.


Lifting and Earth moving machines operators training.

The need within various manufacturing, production and construction sector has created for people with ability and practical skills to use different type of lifting machines to perform a wide range of activities safely and efficiently, with due consideration for the context in which they operate.

Counter balance fork lift.(F1,F2,F3,F4,)

The occupational health and safety ACT states in the driven Machinery Regulations that operators of lifting machines such as forklift must be trained. if you are trained in this course and you are successful, a certificate of training will be issued to you that will be valid for 2 two years. This certificate states that you are competent operator in terms of occupational health and safety ACT, Driven machinery regulations 18,

Reach Truck.(F5)

To operate a reach stacker or truck takes place within a regulatory frame work that seeks to ensure safety of the operator, the reach truck and its environment. The learner will acquire the competencies and skills to operate the components, systems and joy sticker to accomplish the task of lifting and handling loads appropriately.

Truck mounted Loader crane

Cranes are machines used for lifting, lowering and moving loads, materials, equipment, items etc. On completion of this course a learner will be able to demonstrate knowledge of the functions of a truck mounted loader crane.

Over head cranes

This course helps the learner to identify   safety and suitability of cranes prior utilisation thereof. and also recognise methods for inspecting and recording the operational fitness of all components of the crane,re-act to recognised hand signals.

Operate a skid steer loader

The skid steer loader is a versatile vehicle, sin attachments for loading and off loading purposes or for transporting materials over short distances. Therefore there are many differences to the normal road going vehicles as far as controls and operation is concerned.

Corporate training.

  • Business advising Operation
  • Assessor and moderators course.
  • Entrepreneurship: Includes: Getting Started, Decide On the Type of Business, What Is the Market/Competition Like, Basics Of Starting A Business, Create A Business Plan’, Get F i n a n c i n g , H i r e E m p l o y e e s, Tr a i n i n g Employees, Market The Business, Run The Business & Grow The Business
  • Train the trainer: a twelve module course including among other topics: Understanding Training and Facilitation, Gathering Materials, creating a Lesson Plan, Choosing Activities, preparing for the Workshop, keeping it Interactive, dealing with Difficult Participants, Tackling Tough Topics
  • Personal development: Anger Management & Problem Solving.

End User Computing

Why study End User Computing NQF Level 3?

End User Computing is an essential skill in any business today and is required in order for businesses to meet local and global economic challenges and requirements of a digital world.

Additionally, the End User Computing NQF Level 3 qualification is foundational and generic, which allows for maximum mobility between qualifications. Apart from the workplace needs the qualification will address, it is also designed as an entry-level qualification into most further education and training fields